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Welcome to my new site which hosts all of my game guides, and eventually more! I will be editing the site on-and-off in my down time to add more content, make things look prettier, etc, so please bear with me for the time being.
For now, this site is merely an alternative host for my Pastebin modding guides that I made for Oblivion and Skyrim. My current task is to redo my Oblivion guide, as it is nearly 4 years old and I have since accidentally broken my installation, so it is time to begin anew!

For a bit about myself, please see the About Me page.

For a general FAQ, including information on how I like to do things and more, please see the FAq page.

Contact Information

My Pastebin account page (now deprecated as I will soon host more and newer versions of my w old guides here on Wikidot).

Preferably, you may contact me via PM on my Nexusmods account.
You may also contact me via Steam as I am not as frequently active on Nexusmods.

Game Modding Guides


To be completed someday:
New Vegas

Modded Game Tips/Help

(such as where to find certain items, how to complete certain quests, and how to squash certain bugs)

Oblivion Help
Skyrim Help

To be completed someday:
Morrowind Help
New Vegas Help

Game Mod FAQs

(such as why I use certain mods over others, as well as critiques of said other mods)

Oblivion FAQ
Skyrim FAQ

To be completed someday:
Morrowind FAQ
New Vegas FAQ

DISCLAIMER : Unless I actually die, please do not assume I have abandoned any of my projects. Life gets in the way for all of us, so your understanding is appreciated.
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